Alternative solutions for stage 3

The City of Sydney is calling on the NSW Government for an immediate halt on construction of the M5 tunnel and a complete new business case and design review of the proposed M4–M5 link (stage 3). The secrecy around the WestConnex project, hidden behind a private corporation that is exempt from public oversight, must be overturned.

The state government could save billions of dollars by scrapping plans for WestConnex stage 3 (see map below) and avoid disrupting local communities by decreasing car use and properly connecting freight movements to and from Port Botany.

Westconnex map 1

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The City recommends the NSW Government could instead:

  1. Shift car demand onto public transport by bringing forward Sydney Metro West, removing station access fees on the airport train line, pricing road access to airport car parks and bringing forward Badgerys Creek Airport.
  2. Upgrade the A3 connection between the M4 at Homebush and the M5 at Canterbury to stop trucks travelling to Port Botany via Rozelle and St Peters.
  3. Connect the City West link to the Eastern Distributor via the Cross City Tunnel.
  4. Align the new M5 and gateway project to directly connect Port Botany and Sydney Airport. Create a new M5 connection to the Eastern Distributor to better distribute demand and manage existing congestion, which would complete a city ring road.

These alternative solutions (see map below) mean the St Peters interchange site would no longer be needed and could be developed, providing housing close to our city.

Westconnex map 2

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Current plans a road to ruin

If you live in the City of Sydney area you will be significantly affected by unprecedented traffic congestion and delays on local roads if the NSW Government's current plans for the M4–M5 link go ahead. And the increased air pollution from more cars will lead to potential health problems for young children and elderly residents.

The proposed WestConnex interchange next to Sydney Park at St Peters will add 60,000 vehicles a day onto local roads and a 7-lane freeway all the way to Moore Park.

This 7-lane freeway being built along Euston Road, McEvoy Street and Dacey Avenue will create a massive intersection at Anzac Parade. Early indications show it will be 300m long and 12 or more lanes wide.

The existing business case says the whole WestConnex network will be filled with vehicles just 8 years after it opens. To absorb all this extra traffic, clearways will be needed on side streets and the state government will need to create a whole network of new junctions, tunnels and local road upgrades over the next decade.

Local residents can expect a tenfold increase in particulate emissions from this new motorway on their doorsteps. Some residents have been warned by the NSW Government to keep their windows sealed to protect themselves. 

With additional stages and links being announced (and changed) every few months, total costs associated with WestConnex could blow out to $45 billion. Both the federal and state auditors general have provided scathing assessments of the botched process that has led to this very expensive toll road being approved and funded.

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 June 2019