Sydney Park bike track

Sydney Park bike track

New skate park

A new skate park is being built over the old bike track. The new bike track will remain open while the works are being done.

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Bike track for kids

We worked with the local community, including local children and park users to design and build one of Australia's best bike tracks for children. Lord Mayor Clover Moore officially opened the bike track on Sunday 15 November 2015. 

It has exciting twists, turns and challenges to help riders of all abilities learn safe riding skills and includes:

  • wider paths and challenges like hills, curves and bridges
  • 'stop and go' signals and bike pump
  • tunnels, a refuelling station and a front shop
  • barbecue facilities and picnic areas alongside the track
  • trees and shrubs around the track.

The shade structure next to the Sydney Park Cycling Centre has been relocated to make room for the bike track and provide more riding area when courses aren’t being held.

The bike track is next to the car park on Sydney Park Road (opposite Mitchell Road).


Sydney Park bike track
Sydney Park Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

Last updated: Thursday, 8 August 2019