New water treatment plant at Sydney Park

New water treatment plant at Sydney Park

Increasing capacity for stormwater harvesting

In 2017 the water treatment plant at Sydney Park was decommissioned to accommodate the state government’s WestConnex project, which extended into a part of the park where the plant was located.

The removal of the water treatment plant provided the City with an opportunity to design and build a new plant.

The new water treatment plant will have more capacity for future expansion, and will be located at the Nursery Depot in the park.

The design work started in November 2019. Construction is estimated to start in early 2020 and be completed in mid-2020.

Stormwater harvesting

We’re increasing alternative water resources to drought-proof our city and keep it green and cool.

The City's largest stormwater harvesting system in Sydney Park will help us achieve our 2030 target to reduce sediments and nutrients from stormwater runoff, and meet 10% of water demand through local water capture and reuse.


If you have any questions about the project, please contact:

Erwin Jeremiah
Project Manager
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Tuesday, 21 January 2020