Streets and public places

Streets and public places

Ride this way

For current and completed works on cycleways across the local area, including public consultations for planned projects, visit the Sydney Cycleways website.

Transforming our streets and public spaces

We are working hard to transform our streets and public spaces to make them safer and more inviting, especially for people walking and bike riders.

Our works include creating better links for people walking, installing energy efficient lighting, improving footpaths and greening our streets.

Sydney Your Say

Before we start work on transforming our streets and public spaces, we ask for your feedback about the plans and designs.  

Current works

Morehead Street, Redfern: new planted median strips

We've started work on new planted median strips for Morehead Street near Cooper Street and Phillip Street. The median strips will improve the street by slowing traffic and providing new trees and shrubs.

Bowman Street, Pyrmont: new trees & footpath repairs

We have started work to improve the Bowman Street footpath and replace most of the fig trees with Sydney red gums in new locations.

Navins & Portman lanes & Merton Street improvements

We are improving Navins Lane, Portman Lane and Merton Street, Zetland to increase pedestrian, bike and public transport access while improving safety.

Burton Street bridge footway closure

Following investigation works, we plan to replace the Cutler Footway and refurbish the Burton Street Viaduct.

Newcombe Street upgrade

A welcoming new plaza is being created in Paddington and includes space for more market stalls, new plants, park furniture and a large grassed area.

Lawson Street improvements

Lawson Street in Redfern is set to undergo a streetscape upgrade to improve passage for people walking and riding bikes, as well as amenity for local residents.

Completed works

Burton and Palmer streetscape upgrade

We've improved the intersection and surrounds of Burton and Palmer streets, Darlinghurst to make it safer, easier to use and more appealing.

Ripon Way, Rosebery: new trees & footpath upgrade

We have started work to plant 27 more trees on Ripon Way in Rosebery and widen the footpath at the intersection with Dalmeny Avenue.

Catherine Street, Glebe: new trees & garden beds

We have planted 10 more trees in new garden beds on Catherine Street in Glebe.

Bourke Street shared path

To improve pedestrian and bike rider safety, a shared path now connects the Bourke Street and Bourke Road cycleways providing a 7km north–south corridor from Mascot to Woolloomooloo.

Primrose Avenue, Rosebery: new median strip

We've completed work on new planted median strips on Primrose Avenue in Rosebery between Harcourt Parade and Gardeners Road.

Last updated: Friday, 24 August 2018