Improving Reserve Street, Beaconsfield

Improving Reserve Street, Beaconsfield

We’ll soon start work to install central median strips, create wider footpaths and plant more trees on Reserve Street, Beaconsfield, between Botany Road and Queen Street.

This work will help keep our streets cool and reduce the urban heat island effect. It will also slow vehicles, making it safer for people to cross the road at the intersection of Queen and Victoria streets. Emergency vehicles will still be able to drive around the median strip.

The trees being planted include brush box trees and lemon-scented myrtle. There are no changes to parking and access to all driveways will be maintained.
Our contractor QMC will start work in early May. Construction will take place from 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. The project is expected to take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete and will be done in stages to minimise local impacts.

If there is wet weather, work will start the following day. There will be some machinery noise, dust, parking restrictions and traffic control during the work. We will take steps to minimise disruptions.

You can view the work plans.

Fast-tracking capital works in response to Covid-19

We’re responding to the Covid-19 global pandemic with a range of measures to support our community and our local economy. This includes fast-tracking capital works projects including upgrading parks, paving and landscaping.

All our sites have Covid-19 management plans in place and are following public health guidelines for physical distancing, extra hygiene and safety measures.

We know our residents, workers and visitors are focused on physical distancing and health and wellbeing, and many are experiencing economic stress. It’s also important the City continues to deliver projects that will create jobs and benefit our local area.


For more information, please contact:

James Lawton
Project Manager
02 9265 9333

Work plans

New median strips, wider footpaths and more trees on Reserve Street

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 May 2020