Bays precinct

Bays precinct

State significant precinct

The Bays precinct is a state significant precinct. Such areas have state or regional planning significance due to their social, economic or environmental characteristics. 

The precinct is made up of approximately 80 hectares of state government-owned land and sits within 2km of Sydney's city centre. It includes sites such as:

  • Bays Market District, including Sydney Fish Market
  • White Bay Power Station
  • Bays Waterfront Promenade
  • Wentworth Park
  • Glebe Island
  • White Bay
  • Rozelle rail yards
  • Rozelle Bay and precinct waterways.

The NSW Urban Growth Development Corporation has started the master planning process for the Bays market district, which is part of the City of Sydney local area.  

The Department of Planning and Industry has issued study requirements for the Bays market district outlining the range of research needed to analyse the potential impact of rezoning land.  

Urban renewal project

The City of Sydney has been invited by the Department of Planning and Industry to help assess the master plan for the redevelopment of the Bays market district.

The City is a member of the project review panel with:

  • Department of Planning and Industry
  • Transport for NSW
  • Office of the Government Architect. 

New fish market

The Department of Planning and Industry is consulting with government agencies and the City to determine the scope of the environmental and technical studies that NSW Urban Growth Development Corporation will need to address. 

Further information 

The documents below provide further information about the City's involvement with the Bays precinct. 

Last updated: Tuesday, 3 September 2019