Parking changes

Parking changes

Parking changes in the city centre

To keep the city centre moving during changes to the bus network from Sunday 4 October 2015 and light rail construction, Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW have introduced several changes to parking restrictions.

Road users should check kerbside signs for details of the changes.

Fewer loading zones

The construction of new priority routes for buses and operational changes on Bridge, College and Pitt streets will now see changes to loading zones across the CBD.

Some zones have been removed, others repositioned to adjacent streets and some are only be available outside peak periods. These changes have already begun and there will be ongoing reviews of kerbside space throughout construction. It is critical that business has conversations with their deliverers about service being maintained. In addition it is important that drivers check the signs before they leave their vehicle.

Alternatives may include retiming some deliveries or maintenance work, consolidating some deliveries and investigating using loading docks and other off-street loading options.

Key tips for loading and unloading

You can also contact the CBD Freight Team for advice:

Kerbside use changes

Castlereagh Street

The eastern kerbside lane between King and Market streets has been resurfaced and painted red for a new bus lane. Other changes on Castlereagh Street between King and Liverpool streets include:

  • no stopping zones will be introduced to improve traffic flow
  • loading zones have been kept for businesses with time and location changes
  • taxi zones will continue to operate.

George and Pitt streets

Between Rawson Street and Harris Street along George Street and Pitt Street (to Railway Square) the following changes will take place:

  • no stopping zones will be introduced to improve traffic flow
  • loading zones have been kept for businesses.

Wentworth Avenue, College Street, St James Road, Prince Albert Road and Macquarie Street

Between Oxford Street and Commonwealth Street along Wentworth Avenue, along College Street, Prince Albert Road and St James Road, and between Bridge Street and Martin Place along Macquarie Street, the following changes will take place:

  • no stopping zones will be introduced to improve traffic flow
  • taxi zones will continue to operate
  • loading zones have been kept for businesses.


Tomorrow's Sydney: CBD projects Accessible parking locations

New tow-away areas

Tow-away areas have been extended beyond clearways on city centre streets to include vehicles illegally parked in no parking, no stopping and bus zones from Sunday 4 October 2015.

The area affected is bordered by:

  • Sydney Harbour to the north
  • Sydney Harbour, Fig, Wattle and Abercrombie streets to the west
  • Macquarie, College, Elizabeth streets and Wentworth Avenue to the east
  • Cleveland Street to the south.

If you think your vehicle has been towed away, you can call 132 701.

You can download a map showing the tow-away area across the city centre.

The new powers for transport agencies to tow-away vehicles aims to help keep the city centre moving when the bus network changes and major construction starts on the light rail project.

Road users can avoid congestion in the city centre by making their trip during non-peak periods or instead using the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Eastern Distributor and Cross City Tunnel to travel through the city.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 October 2015