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For more information about the light rail project visit Transport for NSW Tomorrow's Sydney or contact the project team via:

Mobile information hub

Transport for NSW has set up a mobile information hub that is now travelling along the light rail construction route across the city centre and south east. The hub features a pop-up stand and street teams to answer your questions about light rail construction in your area.

New dates will be added to the schedule each month. Check for the latest updates on the Sydney Light Rail website

Construction updates

To stay up-to-date on light rail construction works you can visit the current works page of the light rail website, or call the 24-hour construction hotline on 1800 775 465.

Local community and business forums

Transport for NSW has set up local community and business forums along the light rail route. The City encourages residents and businesses to join your local forum to stay informed and continue to have your say.


Local community forums Local business forums

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 October 2016