Elizabeth Street Redfern

Elizabeth Street Redfern

State significant precinct

The Department of Planning and Environment invited the City of Sydney to help assess the new planning framework for the Elizabeth Street Redfern precinct.

Planning and Environment is working with the Department of Family and Community Services to redevelop the site opposite Redfern Oval, bounded by Elizabeth, Phillip, Walker and Kettle streets. 

The site is part of the City of Sydney local area and has been declared as a nominated state significant precinct. The 1.1 hectare government-owned site is largely vacant but houses the Police and Citizens Youth Club recreation and community facilities, which include the South Sydney Aboriginal Corporation Resource Centre.

The urban renewal project is guided by the state government's Communities Plus program that aims to provide renewed social housing. The redevelopment of the site aims to deliver new social, affordable and market housing and upgrade and replace the existing community and recreational facilities onsite. 

Planning and Environment has issued study requirements for the Elizabeth Street Redfern precinct outlining the range of studies needed to analyse the potential impact of making a new planning framework for the site.

Family and Community Services will undertake these studies and prepare a proposal for the new planning framework for the site. Planning and Environment will then publicly exhibit the proposal for the community to have its say on the planning future of the precinct.

Our role

The City is a member of the project review panel that will review and approve key project milestones with:

• Department of Planning and Environment
• Transport for NSW
• Office of the Government Architect. 

Last updated: Friday, 25 May 2018