Southern employment lands

Southern employment lands

Sydney Airport to the city centre 

The City’s southern employment lands are some of the most strategically important in NSW. A range of businesses are currently located in the area, between Sydney Airport and the city centre. These include industrial activities, such as manufacturing, wholesale trade, transport and logistics related industries, postal activities and warehousing.

Until recently most of the area was zoned for industrial purposes. However changes in the Australian economy mean there is now less need for industrial-zoned land close to the inner-city. New forms of business and enterprise are emerging, such as high tech industry, creative spaces and retail and distribution facilities. These activities require flexible places to locate and grow close to their customers at the airport and inner-city.

In June 2015 most of the southern employment lands were rezoned to allow for a wider range of business activities and employment opportunities. Some industrial land was retained to ensure industrial activities that need to locate close to the City can continue to do so.

Planning for the southern employment lands

Planning for the southern employment lands was done in consultation with the community, landowners, government organisations and key stakeholders such as Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

Changes to planning controls were also informed by a number of technical studies including traffic and transport, urban design, affordable housing, economic and infrastructure studies.

The planning controls in force for the southern employment lands are in the Sydney LEP 2012 and Sydney DCP 2012.  

Affordable housing

It is essential that low income workers are able to access appropriate and affordable housing close to where they work.

Some of the jobs that will locate in the employment lands will be for low paid workers who are essential to our economy, such as childcare workers, cleaners and bus drivers. In addition, general demand for the services provided by low income workers will increase as a result of new business and employment locating in the area.

The employment lands affordable housing program provides the operational detail for the various approaches taken by the City to encourage the provision of affordable rental housing. 

Investigation areas

In the southern employment lands, 2 investigation areas have been identified where there is potential for some market housing where it supports the broader objectives for the wider area.

The guideline to preparing site specific planning proposal requests in the City of Sydney employment lands investigation areas provides a transparent and consistent framework to guide future changes to planning controls as the areas develop.


For further information about the employment lands you can contact:

Lila Contziu
Manager Green Square and Major Projects
Strategic Planning and Urban Design 02 9246 7569


Christina Heather
Specialist Planner
Strategic Planning and Urban Design 02 9288 5945

Last updated: Friday, 19 May 2017