Waterloo estate

Waterloo estate

Waterloo housing estate

The redevelopment of the Waterloo housing estate by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation is a large-scale project to provide a mix of social, affordable and private housing in Waterloo.

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  • NSW Land and Housing Corporation released a masterplan for the Waterloo estate in January 2019. The City published its alternative plan in March 2019.
  • The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces announced in November 2019 the City of Sydney is the planning authority for the Waterloo estate.
  • NSW Land and Housing Corporation lodged a planning proposal request with the City in May 2020 to change the planning controls for the southern portion of the Waterloo estate. NSW Land and Housing Corporation has changed its January 2019 masterplan.
  • The City is currently assessing the planning proposal request to determine if it has planning merit and if any changes are needed.
  • Following assessment, the City’s planners and urban designers will prepare a planning proposal to report to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee for consideration.
  • If supported, the City will seek gateway determination from the NSW Government for public consultation on the planning proposal and conduct a comprehensive community engagement program.

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Planning proposal

A planning proposal request for Waterloo estate (south) has been lodged by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation for the City of Sydney’s assessment.

Community consultation

The City of Sydney will lead community engagement during the public consultation period for the Waterloo south planning proposal.

Resident support

We will continue to work collaboratively with the Department of Communities and Justice to support social housing tenants.

Alternative approach

In March 2019, the City of Sydney gave a presentation on the City's alternative approach to the renewal of the Waterloo estate.

Waterloo metro quarter

Waterloo metro station is now under construction and an application for development above the station was approved in December 2019.


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Specialist Planner, Strategic Planning and Urban Design
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Last updated: Friday, 29 May 2020