Greening and nature

Greening and nature

Biodiversity volunteering

Want to get involved in a project to protect our city’s animals, plants and natural places?

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Sydney – green city

Sydney is one of the global cities that is still home to many green places and native wildlife. Here’s how we can all work together to protect our local wildlife and natural areas.

Greening the city

The City wants to reintroduce greenery to our home as part of Sustainable Sydney 2030, our mission to make the local area as green as possible. Our blueprint for improving the local area can be found in Greening Sydney.

Extending our tree cover

Trees in the City of Sydney area create an urban forest that contributes greatly to the city’s character. They’re integral to making Sydney a green, global and connected city. We’re working to create an urban forest with greater tree cover and more diversity to provide these proven benefits of plants and trees in our city.

Maintaining (and increasing) our parkland

The City of Sydney has more than 400 parks for the enjoyment of everyone. They help green the city as well as provide recreational benefits.

Protecting our urban wildlife and green spaces

The City is working hard alongside our communities to protect our precious urban wildlife and green spaces. We’ve developed an urban ecology strategic action plan and are running a range of biodiversity projects in different parts of the city.

Get involved in our City Farm

Sydney City Farm is an urban agriculture project the City runs in Sydney Park. It's a place the community can come together and learn about urban agriculture and sustainable food production. We hold community events, workshops and farmers’ markets with plenty of opportunities for you to be involved at the community hub.

Set up a community garden

The City of Sydney provides support to communities seeking to set up a community garden. If you don’t have the space, find out more about how we can help with community composting or footpath gardens. Interested? Find out more.

Join a Bushcare group or volunteer for wildlife programs

Bushcare groups restore local bushland by planting local indigenous plants and weeding. This encourages birds, lizards and other species to live in our communities. Visit our biodiversity volunteering page.

Create habitat

Want to help Sydney’s wildlife? We’ve created a guide to creating habitat gardens for native plants and animals – in your backyard, balcony, and local community spaces. Read the guide here.

Wildlife watch

Did you know Sydney is home to many rare native animals? We’d love to hear from you if you see a rare native animal. Report your sighting here. Find out more about our local wildlife.

Last updated: Friday, 26 June 2020