Making Sydney sustainable: sector strategies

Making Sydney sustainable: sector strategies

Sydney's varied and vibrant sectors have an important role to play

Our city is a vibrant and thriving metropolis in which residents, businesses and visitors play an important role to nurture its growth and sustainability.

That’s why we’re taking a sector-based approach to supporting businesses and residents to tackle climate change and build a more sustainable city.

Sector strategies support our overarching sustainability vision, Sustainable Sydney 2030. The City has set bold targets, including a 70% emissions reduction for the local area from a 2006 baseline, net zero emissions by 2050, and targets to save water and reduce waste.

We’ve identified and developed strategies for 3 key sectors:

  • office buildings
  • accommodation and entertainment
  • residential apartments.

It’s important we all work together to make our city more sustainable. That’s why, alongside our sector strategies, we run various environmental programs to support business and residents and offer grants to help residents and businesses improve their environmental performance.

Read more about each sector strategy below.

Sydney’s sustainable office buildings plan

Sydney’s commercial office building sector already includes some of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the country. However, our office buildings still have a significant environmental impact.

We’ve developed a plan to work with building owners and tenants to make the switch and reap the benefits of more sustainable buildings.

The sustainable office buildings plan has actions everyone in the sector can take, including:

  • using and promoting environmental ratings
  • making cost-effective retrofits
  • owners engaging tenants for whole building performance
  • installing onsite solar or procuring renewable energy
  • leaders committing to net zero
  • connecting to recycled water where possible.

Read the strategy, Sydney’s sustainable office buildings plan.

Making Sydney a sustainable destination

Businesses in the entertainment and accommodation sector can benefit from an increased focus on sustainability – reducing costs, attracting customers from the growing sustainable tourism market, and engaging staff.

There’s significant scope for saving resources and reducing waste. In Sydney the sector is responsible for 47% of all commercial waste, 21% of carbon emissions and 14% of drinking water consumption.

Our plan outlines actions for the sector, such as:

  • using and promoting environmental ratings
  • improving waste management
  • making cost-effective retrofits
  • installing onsite solar or procuring renewable energy
  • connecting to recycled water where possible.

Read the strategy, making Sydney a sustainable destination.

Residential apartments sustainability plan

City of Sydney residents living in apartments can save considerably by making their homes more sustainable. Building owners also stand to benefit.

Our residential apartments sustainability plan will:

  • save our community money
  • reduce emissions, water and waste
  • cut apartment sector greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030
  • reduce water consumption by 7% by 2030
  • divert 70% of waste from landfill by 2021.

The plan includes practical actions for increasing sustainability in new and existing apartment buildings.

Read the strategy, residential apartments sustainability plan.

Last updated: Friday, 26 June 2020