Green Square stormwater drain

In the future, the only thing that will flood Green Square’s new town centre is sunlight.

Green Square sits on a floodplain and was once a network of swamps, wetlands and creeks.

Green Square locals will tell you that hazardous flooding has been a constant challenge of living in the area with floodwaters reaching 2.3m in Joynton Avenue during storms in April 2015.

The City of Sydney has formed an alliance with Sydney Water (the DG Alliance) to build a 2km stormwater drain from Epsom Road in Zetland to the Alexandra Canal that will carry floodwaters from South Sydney into Botany Bay. Part of this work includes widening Shea’s Creek below Huntley Street bridge.

We’re helping to fund this estimated $100 million project because without it, flood risks would prevent development going ahead.

The drain route from Epsom Road to Alexandra Canal was chosen to minimise impact on residents, businesses and the environment.

Microtunnelling will further minimise impact by using a tunnelling machine to install pipes underground without disturbing the surface.

Green Square stormwater drain

Construction begins: 2015

Expected completion: mid 2019

Download a map of the stormwater drain (PDF 547.1 KB)

Green Square Street Network Map 2018

Tree-lined boulevards, extra-wide footpaths and elegant bronze street furniture will transform the heart of Green Square into a people-friendly destination.

Under new plans for the network of streets in the Green Square town centre, walkers and bike riders will be prioritised with pedestrian-only zones, separated cycleways and low-speed streets.

Hundreds of new street trees, self-watering rain gardens, bright LED lights and wayfinding signs highlighting the history of Green Square will also make the area safer, greener and more people-friendly.

The City has worked closely with utility companies, transport providers, commercial developers, the City’s expert design advisory panel and local residents and businesses over the past 2 years to develop and refine the designs for the town centre streets.

Works started in mid-2016 and will continue over the next 4 years as the rest of the town centre is developed.

Plans include the creation of several new streets, along with upgrades to existing streets.

Harnessing stormwater for good

The City has signed an agreement with Green Square Water, part of Flow Systems Pty Ltd, to supply treated stormwater to thousands of future residents in the Green Square town centre. The treated water will be for non-potable uses including toilet flushing, irrigation, laundry and cooling towers.

The project will be Australia's biggest residential stormwater harvesting and treatment scheme and the first undertaken by the City to deliver recycled water to households.

The water recycling plant will treat enough water from the Green Square stormwater drainage system to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools each week. The treated water will be stored in tanks from where we will distribute it to buildings and open spaces in the new town centre.

The City has finished refurbishing the former administration building at the South Sydney Hospital site, where we will house the water recycling plant.

Green Square Water Pty Ltd is licensed by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal under the Water Industry Competition Act to ensure recycled water meets health and safety requirements.

The City negotiated agreements with town centre developers to install dual plumbing in their buildings to supply the treated stormwater to bathrooms, laundries and gardens.

The project is partly funded by the City and the federal government's national urban water and desalination plan, part of the Water for the Future initiative.

A private wire

The City is building a private wire, a local distribution system that shares electricity between facilities, in Green Square.

As a result the City’s childcare centre, water recycling plant, creative areas and public lighting will all benefit from reduced power costs.

We’re also installing photovoltaic panels on our buildings so we can share the electricity they generate with other buildings reducing emissions even further.

And in the future, individual developments in the Green Square town centre will aim for a green star rating.

It’s part of our commitment to reduce emissions by 70% by 2030.