Managing stormwater

Green Square sits on a floodplain that used to be a network of wetlands and creeks.

Hazardous flooding has been a constant challenge for Green Square locals with floodwaters reaching 2.3 metres in Joynton Avenue during storms in April 2015.

Green Square stormwater drain

We have installed a new 2km stormwater drain from Epsom Road in Zetland to Shea’s Creek channel, Alexandria. This drain now takes floodwaters from Sydney south into Botany Bay.

The City of Sydney and Sydney Water formed the DG Alliance with UGL Engineering, Seymour Whyte, WSP and RPS to build the drain.

We helped to fund this estimated $140 million project because without it, flood risks would prevent development going ahead. The new drain significantly reduces flooding risk in and around the Green Square town centre, particularly at Joynton Avenue and on Botany Road, Zetland.

The drain route from Epsom Road to Alexandra Canal, was chosen to minimise impact on residents, businesses and the environment. Most of this route runs through or under property owned by the City of Sydney.

A new water recycling plant in the Green Square Infrastructure Centre on the old South Sydney Hospital site in Joynton Avenue treats water from the drain so that it can be used by thousands of residents in the Green Square town centre. Find out more about how we reuse water in Green Square.

As part of this project we also raised and lengthened Huntley Street Bridge and renewed the area around Shea’s Creek open channel to make it an attractive and usable public space.

We widened Shea’s Creek channel and built a shared path to provide a safe space for people walking and riding bikes along its eastern side, from Maddox Street to the mouth of Alexandra Canal.

The $140 million Green Square stormwater drain won the Infrastructure Project Innovation Award for NSW at the 2019 NSW Water Awards.

Joynton Avenue stormwater drain

Planning is underway for the construction of a new stormwater drain from the corner of O’Dea Avenue and Joynton Avenue to 114 Joynton Avenue.

This work is part of new stormwater infrastructure to reduce the risk of severe flooding along Joynton Avenue.

The new drain will carry stormwater from the southern part of Waterloo and surrounding areas along Joynton Avenue to the Green Square stormwater drain.

We will undertake further geotechnical investigations to check for any underground obstructions along the alignment of the new stormwater drain.

This will help planning and the protection of significant trees when construction begins.

If you have any questions about this project, contact Green Square Community Relations on 1800 300 005 or