Green Square news

10 reasons to visit the new Green Square Library

10 September 2018

We know you’re going to love the new Green Square Library. Here’s just a few of the reasons to drop in.

Meet 6 creatives shaping Green Square through architecture and public art

24 August 2018

Progressive library design and public artworks with community at their core.

5 green tech innovations powering Green Square

14 August 2018

The big and green innovations behind some of the little things you’ll soon be doing in the area.

Watch a vintage aeroplane become suspended inside an underground library

1 August 2018

When Green Square’s sunken library officially opens, it’ll have a lot more to look at than interesting reads

Old hospital building reinvented as award-winning creative hub

11 July 2018

Joynton Avenue Creative Centre is the centrepiece of Green Square’s new community and cultural precinct

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