Green Square news

The incredible fix below Green Square that’s saving life above it

8 November 2019

How eliminating flash-flooding enabled the biggest urban renewal project in 100 years.

New spaces and places to get creative in Green Square

1 October 2019

From crafty corners to curated events, here are 5 great reasons to explore Sydney’s newest town centre.

In pictures: Bringing in the (stormwater) harvest

19 September 2019

Stormwater recycling in Green Square is helping save Sydney’s precious drinking water. Look behind the scenes at a cutting-edge, urban recycled water scheme.

6 stars for Green Square town centre

21 May 2019

Green Square town centre has been awarded the highest rating for a sustainable community. But what does this mean for the people who live and work there?

Riding from Green Square to the city

11 April 2019

With excellent riding connections, it’s no wonder local residents ride more than anywhere else in Sydney.

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