The Zetland Monster

Waterloo incinerator

By the 1960s, Green Square had become a convenient place for Sydney to dump its waste.

Despite local protest, the Waterloo Incinerator was built over the old Waterloo dam site. The huge chimney dubbed ‘The Zetland Monster’ poured stench, pollution and particle fallout onto the neighbourhood from 1972 to 1996. It stood a few hundred metres from the current Green Square railway station.

Locals battled for 24 years to close it down. With the decline of industry, the 20th century industrial landscape of belching chimneys was in retreat. Finally campaigns by locals, Greenpeace and South Sydney Council succeeded.

The new Green Square town centre includes the inciner¬ator site with its landmark chimney. It was here that the first chimneys were constructed and it’s here that the last chimney stands.

It’s also here that the City looks towards a sustainable future, putting the priorities of the community first.

Main image: Waterloo Incinerator, 2007. Photo by uminarampart (Flickr).