Planning for Lachlan Precinct

The Lachlan Precinct is bounded by Lachlan Street, Bourke Street, South Dowling Street and O'Dea Avenue. It is in the suburb of Waterloo and forms part of the Green Square urban renewal area. Areas to the north and south are recently established residential and mixed use areas.

Precinct vision

The City's vision for the Lachlan Precinct is that it will continue to gradually transition from industrial and warehouse uses to a mixed use residential neighbourhood with high quality buildings and public spaces.

New streets will be delivered progressively as development occurs. These will break up the existing large industrial lots and allow for movement within and through the precinct by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Gadigal Avenue will act as a significant north–south corridor lined with a mix of uses. Archibald Avenue, running east–west through the precinct, will be the main street for retail and café activity.

Three public parks will become gathering spaces for the community. Each will have a distinct look and feel and will offer a variety of opportunities for active and passive recreation. Buildings will be scaled appropriately to the street which they address and will make a positive contribution to the public domain through high quality design.

Planning history

Between 2009 and 2010 the City, with consultants Hassell, undertook an urban design study to establish appropriate built form controls for the precinct. The study took into consideration a range of issues including existing land ownership patterns, the need for future public infrastructure and flood mitigation. The City translated the study findings into planning controls in the South Sydney LEP 1998 and South Sydney DCP 1997.

Between 2011 and 2013, the City undertook additional testing and consultation to refine the planning controls for the precinct and ensure they allowed for viable redevelopment. A site specific DCP for the third largest landholding in the precinct (the Wulaba Park site) was also progressed during this period to allow redevelopment of the site and expedite a significant step in the renewal of the precinct.

Due to this work being unresolved at the time, the precinct was excluded from the approval of the city-wide Sydney LEP 2012 and Sydney DCP 2012. However, in 2013, the City began the process of translating the planning controls under South Sydney LEP 1998 and South Sydney DCP 1997 and integrating them into Sydney LEP 2012 and Sydney DCP 2012. The translated controls were publicly exhibited in 2014 and the plan was made by the Chief Executive Officer under the Planning Minister's delegation. The Lachlan Precinct controls were formally included in Sydney LEP 2012 and Sydney DCP 2012 and came into force on 10 April 2015.


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