Planning for North Rosebery Precinct

The North Rosebery Precinct is located south of the Epsom Park Precinct, north of the long-established Rosebery residential estate and within the broader Green Square area. It is generally bounded by Epsom Road, Dalmeny Avenue, Kimberley Grove and Rothschild Avenue.

The City has reviewed and updated the planning controls for North Rosebery to ensure this former industrial precinct becomes a lively, residential neighbourhood, with shops, parks and high quality urban design.

Review of the controls

Recognising that North Rosebery is gradually changing from light industrial and commercial uses to residential uses, the City undertook a review of the precinct’s planning controls in 2013. The review aimed to ensure that new development responds to the character of the locality and focussed on land ownership patterns, the need for new streets, pedestrian links and open space and an appropriate scale and height of built form.

The City developed draft planning controls based on the outcomes of the review. These took the form of draft amendments to Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Sydney LEP 2012) and Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 (Sydney DCP 2012). The amendments to Sydney LEP 2012 include some increases and some decreases to floor space ratio and height controls and a revision of the heritage listing of 1-3 Rosebery Avenue. The amendments to Sydney DCP 2012 include detailed height, setback and public domain controls.

The draft controls were publicly exhibited from 30 July 2013 to 27 September 2013. Public submissions were considered and the finalised controls were approved by Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee in December 2013. The new controls came into effect on 14 February 2014.

Redefining the precinct

The new planning controls will guide development in the North Rosebery precinct to ensure it becomes a lively residential neighbourhood with a mix of shops and other commercial uses. It is expected that the precinct will accommodate approximately 6,000 new residents.

The focal point of the neighbourhood will be a local park of 4,500m² located at the northwest corner of Crewe Place and Rosebery Avenue. Active uses such as cafes and ground floor shops will be encouraged around the park to create a community node.

The existing landscaped character of the precinct will be retained through generous frontage setbacks of new developments and ensuring that existing mature trees are kept. The main local park and a smaller linear park on Kimberley Grove will add to the leafy character of the precinct.

A new network of streets, pedestrian/bike-only lanes and green links will ensure the precinct is highly accessible to the local community. Trips by bicycle and walking will be encouraged to help activate the precinct while through-traffic will be discouraged.

The built form has been designed so that lower building heights face the street, which will transition in height from north to south to ensure it integrates well with the existing low scale Rosebery Estate to the south.

The transition in character of the precinct is anticipated to occur over the next 15 years with the design of the precinct allowing for individual parcels of land to be developed independently.


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