Private developments

By 2030 Green Square will be home to 61,000 new residents and 22,000 new workers.

The City of Sydney is responsible for the design and delivery of community facilities such as the library, plaza, open spaces and Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

The City is also working with a range of private developers to ensure they create an exciting and connected place where residents can happily live, work and socialise.

The City assesses all of Green Square’s private development applications to ensure development is sustainable, innovative and respects the character of the existing neighbourhood.

The Central Sydney Planning Committee also assesses any development over $50 million.

View the current list of development applications for Green Square.

You can also view development applications at the Green Square Customer Service Centre, sign up to our DA alerts or call your local area planner on 02 9265 9333.

Connecting communities through design excellence

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The largest private developers for the Green Square town centre

Other developers

Other developers at Green Square