Equity Housing Model

Equity Housing Model

Alternative housing proposal

The Equity Housing Model aims to provide truly affordable housing for moderate to low income earners.

The proposal allows a mix of lifetime leases, affordable and social housing in a flexible rental model.

It would also provide a pathway for permanent housing and an end to paying long-term rent.

Its focus is to deliver affordable, high quality and permanent housing for more people in need to relieve them from the stress of renting long-term, and provide a home for them to build a family and grow old in.

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About the team

The Equity Housing Model is proposed by Eddie Ma of Vigilanti.

The group was founded by Eddie and Linseen Lee, architectural professionals with a passion for social justice.

Its mission is to use architecture to help solve social issues affecting the communities in our cities.

Work includes helping solve the affordable housing problem, community consultation and addressing domestic violence, with a vision for greater reach in the future. 

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Last updated: Friday, 14 June 2019