Pop-Up Shelters

Pop-Up Shelters

Alternative housing proposal

Thousands of buildings across our cities stand vacant. These buildings often sit idle pending the outcome of a lengthy and arduous redevelopment process.

With the goodwill, kindness and generosity that exists within the property sector, and business in general, some of these buildings can be repurposed for minimal cost.

These buildings can be used as crisis or transitional accommodation for people in the short or medium term.

The creation of pop-up shelters isn’t a long-term solution but addresses a definite need within cities. 

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About the team

Robert Pradolin is founding board member of Housing All Australians, a private sector for purpose organisation (not-for-profit) that believes it’s in Australia’s long-term economic interest to provide housing for all its people, rich or poor. 

It was established to facilitate a private sector voice and solutions to reposition the discussion through a commercial lens. 

It advocates that housing for all Australians is fundamental economic infrastructure for a country, just like roads, schools and hospitals. 

There’s significant economic payback for a society preventing the unintended long-term consequences arising from the lack of affordable, social and public housing. 

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Last updated: Friday, 14 June 2019