The Third Way

The Third Way

Alternative housing proposal

In Zurich, 20% of all housing is provided and managed by housing cooperatives.

This creates a third way between market housing and social housing, and between ownership and renting.

Adapting this not-for-profit build-to-rent approach in a Sydney context would increase affordable housing supply and make long-term renting a viable option.

It would also give back to the city in the form of shared amenity and an ecology of supporting creative uses, with the aim of helping the City of Sydney achieve its target of 7.5% affordable rental housing by 2030. 

View proposal (PDF 427.7 KB)


About the team

Alexis Kalagas, Andy Fergus and Katherine Sundermann individually and collectively have been researching alternative models of housing delivery for nearly 10 years. 

Alexis works at the intersection of urban strategy and design at Urban-Think Tank, ETH Zurich and as a Harvard Graduate School of Design Richard Rogers Fellow.

Andy is an urban designer at the City of Melbourne, co-director at Melbourne Architours, and an urban design adviser to Nightingale Housing.

Katherine is an associate director at MGS Architects, leading strategies and frameworks for creative precincts and new neighbourhoods.

Andy and Katherine teach architecture and urban design at the Melbourne School of Design. 

Last updated: Friday, 14 June 2019