Sydney 2050 community consultations

Housing for All – our draft housing strategy

Under review

We invite your feedback on Housing for All, the City’s plan for providing housing in our local area.

City Plan 2036 – our draft plan for planning and land use

Under review

We invite your feedback on City Plan 2036, our draft local strategic planning statement.

Planning for Sydney 2050 – Your ideas for action

Under review

Since November 2018, we've undertaken extensive community consultation to help inform the vision for a new plan for Sydney to 2050. The next phase of the plan will allow everyone who has an interest in Sydney to express their ideas that will help shape the future of our city.

Planning for Sydney 2050 – have your say

Under review

​Take our online survey, download the app to answer questions, use the discussion guide to host your own consultation with friends or family, or visit our team at one of the pop-up consultation events.

Community panel

Open – until 1 November 2020

Stay in touch and help us plan for the future of Sydney. Join the City’s online community panel.

Last updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2019