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Supporting economic development research

The global economy and our local Sydney economy are ever evolving with new trade patterns forming, new technologies disrupting the way we do business, new trends emerging across sectors and new challenges impacting everyone’s economic behaviours.

We understand the importance of conducting new economic research and studies in these rapidly shifting areas. By doing this, we can:

  • refresh our understanding of the economy today and into the future
  • ensure our economic development vision and strategic approach to policy development is relevant
  • identify the needs for action and make evidence-based decisions.

The following studies were recently conducted to support the preparation of Sustainable Sydney 2050 and the renewal of our current economic development strategy.

Economic future study

The purpose of the economic future study is to provide:

  • a global perspective of Sydney’s economic performance
  • global trends impacting city economies
  • workforce and demographic trends
  • consumer and industry trends
  • consider best practice.

It is cross-disciplinary in nature rather than a narrow ‘siloed’ approach and has provided high-level themes and directions for our development of the community strategic plan Sustainable Sydney 2050 and future economic development strategy.

Green economy study

The green economy has been identified as a rapidly growing sector in Sydney and NSW, generating both economic and environmental benefits.

The green economy study defines the green economy and green jobs in a Sydney context. It measures the value of the green economy and the number of green jobs in the City of Sydney local area. Future growth opportunities are explored and our role in supporting this emerging sector is discussed.

Camperdown-Ultimo collaboration precinct innovation study

The Camperdown-Ultimo precinct is identified as a collaboration area and innovation precinct by the Greater Sydney Commission.

The precinct innovation study undertakes in-depth research into the spatial drivers of innovation to understand the current status of collaboration and innovation in the area. It analyses challenges and opportunities for this precinct, as well as proposing recommendations on how to best support innovation and growth in knowledge-intensive jobs in this area.


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Last updated: Thursday, 30 July 2020