2030 in Your Village

2030 in Your Village

Planning for the future

In 2012 we invited residents and business owners from our 10 village groups to help plan for the future of each area. We received over 4,700 suggestions, ideas, and concerns.

The community's feedback and comments were considered by our village planning team, who drafted a 2030 in Your Village plan for each area.

The plans will be exhibited so the community can offer further feedback before they are finalised.

During the consultation process, we asked people how they envisioned their neighbourhood in 2030 and how the City of Sydney could work with residents to improve villages over coming decades.

A broad range of suggestions were received, including:

  • developing a sense of community
  • improving public transport and encouraging bike riding and walking
  • supporting local services and businesses
  • solving parking problems
  • 'greening' our streets and neighbourhoods
  • promoting safe and clean public places.

This consultation means the City can consider community priorities as we plan for our neighbourhoods going forward.

Local action

2030 in Your Village follows on from the City’s Local Action Plan initiatives, which also saw us seeking the community's input on how we can make strengthen the character of our villages. 

The process resulted in funding for a successful community grants program as well as upgrades and improvements to local facilities, streets, park and other public places.

The community grants program – called Matching Grants – is continuing.

If you have a group of willing volunteers and a great idea to improve, enhance or inspire your community, you're invited to apply for one.

Applications are open year-round.


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Last updated: Friday, 13 November 2015