Cultural research studies

Supporting cultural policy reform

As part of the Creative City cultural policy and action plan and the live music and performance action plan, we routinely undertake research to support policy development and improve our understanding of the cultural sector.

We also support independent research through our existing partnerships with universities and research partners, and programs such as the knowledge exchange sponsorship.

The City has a particular interest in research of the following areas:

  • the impact of building, planning, liquor and other regulatory systems on cultural activity
  • international best practice approaches to cultural policy
  • community driven research, including projects developed by artists, community groups and small creative businesses
  • barriers to cultural participation, attendance and employment
  • small and medium creative enterprise
  • socio-economic impacts on cultural participation.

Previous studies we have undertaken or supported include:

  • Alcohol consumption in live music venues (City of Sydney, 2017)
  • S2M: the economics of Australia's small-to-medium visual arts sector (National Association for the Visual Arts, 2017)
  • In-kind: creating a non-cash arts assets platform (Frontyard, 2016)
  • Economic and cultural contributions of small to medium arts spaces in the City of Sydney (University of Tasmania, 2016)
  • Economic and cultural contributions of live music venues in the City of Sydney (University of Tasmania, 2016)
  • Mapping culture: venues and infrastructure in the City of Sydney (Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, 2016)
  • New ideas for old buildings: creative spaces and the built environment (City of Sydney, 2016)
  • Findings of the pop-up theatre pilot project (Sydney Fringe, 2015)
  • Low risk arts and cultural venues (Design Collaborative, 2015)
  • Planning cultural creation and production in Sydney: A venue and infrastructure needs analysis (Western Sydney University, April 2018).

You can download the research reports.


Researchers who would like to speak to the City about cultural research, please contact:

Ianto Ware
Strategy Advisor – Culture
02 9246 7391

Last updated: Friday, 15 May 2020