A globally competitive city

A globally competitive city

A globally competitive and innovative city

Keeping Sydney globally competitive is central to Sydney’s and Australia’s future and an important part of Sustainable Sydney 2030. The City must focus on the global economy and sustained innovation to ensure continuing prosperity.

City context

  • The City is an acknowledged global city with natural assets, a strong economy and globally competitive businesses.
  • The city centre is at the heart of Global Sydney as outlined in the state government's Metropolitan Strategy.
  • A globally competitive city is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity and expands opportunities for residents, business, workers and the broader society.

Why action is needed

  • To respond to the next wave of globalisation.
  • To boost innovation.
  • Develop effective partnerships.
  • Deal with looming macro-economic imbalances.
  • Increase interstate and global city competition.
  • Intensify global competition in service industries.


Last updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2014