A lively, engaging city centre

A lively, engaging city centre

A lively and engaging city centre

City context

  • The city centre has a unique natural setting.
  • It has special significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • The city centre also contains a positive legacy of open spaces, a street network, heritage buildings and landmarks.

Why action is needed

  • To protect the city centre’s role as Australia’s premier location.
  • Open and re-connect the city centre to the water.
  • Reclaim the city centre from traffic.
  • Create more and improve existing spaces for people to enjoy.
  • Preserve and extend the city’s finegrain: the small scale and diverse spaces providing for boutique bars, restaurants and retail tenancies, set in vibrant and attractive streets.
  • Create a more diverse and mature night-time culture


  • Provide an activity focus for the city centre worker and visitor communities.
  • Manage and strengthen precincts in the city centre.
  • Increase the supply of small scale spaces for retail and small businesses on streets and lanes.
  • Assist appropriate small businesses to locate and thrive in the city centre.

Last updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2014