Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development, renewal and design

An aim of Sustainable Sydney 2030 is high quality urban design that will bring liveability and greater sustainability.

City context

  • Good urban design contributes to liveability and plays a major role in maintaining and improving Sydney’s status relative to other cities
  • While most of central Sydney that will exist in 2030 is here now, some parts will undergo significant change and renewal.

Why action is needed

  • To respond to Sydney’s changing economic circumstances.
  • To ensure renewal areas become extensions of the local area integrated with the existing urban fabric.
  • To present a coherent city-wide vision to guide individual projects.
  • To recognise the role of streets, parks and squares in public life.
  • To aspire to design excellence across the local area.


  • Ensure renewal areas make major contributions to the sustainability of the local area.
  • Plan for a beautiful city and promote design excellence.
  • Continually improve development controls and approval processes to minimise compliance and supply side costs.
  • Plan for the longer term structure of the local area.

Last updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2014