Improving our waterways and harbour

Improving our waterways and harbour

Sydney Harbour coastal management program

We’re committed to improving the water quality of local waterways by reducing pollution that is discharged from stormwater outlets. Our water quality targets aim to:

  • 50% reduction in the yearly solid pollution load discharged to waterways from stormwater by 2030.
  • 15% reduction in yearly nutrient load discharged to waterways from stormwater by 2030.

What we’ve already done

We’ve installed 249 raingardens in the City of Sydney local area since 2005. These gardens treat stormwater, protect local waterways and green inner-city streets.

There are also 45 City-owned gross pollutant traps (GPTs) installed underground in stormwater pipes. Together with the 29 GPTs in our area owned by others, they can collect around 700 tonnes of litter each year.

Councils must embed coastal management within the state government’s integrated planning and reporting framework. This requires councils to prepare a coastal management program.

We’re working with our Sydney Harbour partners to create a management program that will achieve the long-term vision for Sydney Harbour’s coastal zone to:

Support the coordinated management and ecologically sustainable development of Greater Sydney Harbour to maintain its exceptional social, cultural, economic and environmental values, and symbolic status as Australia’s most globally iconic waterway.

Greater Sydney Harbour estuary coastal management program scoping study, final report June 2018

The City was the host council for developing the stage 1 reports.

Main image: Our upgrade works to Victoria Park in 2018 included stormwater pollution traps for Lake Northam, a new recirculation system and bio-retention zone to clean and filter stormwater runoff.

Last updated: Tuesday, 10 March 2020