Forums and talks hosted by City of Sydney
Julia Gillard

We all have a role in supporting mental health and wellbeing

29 October 2019

The Hon. Julia Gillard AC leads the discussion around the complex issues of mental health and wellbeing, with a panel made up of mental health experts and people with lived experience.

John Kaldor

Making art public: 50 years of Kaldor art projects

10 September 2019

For 50 years, Kaldor Public Art Projects has created projects with international artists who’ve changed the landscape of temporary public art in Australia.

Big ideas transforming global cities

24 May 2019

Mayor Park Won Soon of Seoul and experts from Adelaide, New York and Sydney examine the importance of outstanding practices in urban projects.

Robert Hsiung

Our future with artificial intelligence and its rise in China

9 April 2019

Hear from Robert Hsiung and a panel of international experts about the growing use of artificial intelligence and how it’s transforming business and society – especially in China.

Democratising technology – Jim McKelvey on the Square revolution

22 May 2018

Hear Square co-founder Jim McKelvey and a panel of business leaders examine the local and global effects of democratising technology.

Christiana Figueres

Cities taking the lead: how local action is fast-tracking global change

12 September 2017

Christiana Figueres, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver are joined by John Hewson AM and Lord Mayor Clover Moore in a lively discussion about the role of city leadership in creating a sustainable and inclusive society for all.

Carlo Ratti

Data Driven Design: How open data is changing the way we understand, design and live in cities

21 March 2017

Data is changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities. We discuss how governments, business and residents can benefit from open data systems to understand and plan for the future. Hear from Carlo Ratti – Director, MIT Senseable City Lab and a panel of experts as they explore our increasing reliance on data and the opportunities it presents for cities.

Is Sydney ready? Working together for a resilient city

3 November 2016

Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities, will share his experience responding to New York's superstorm Sandy and the World Trade Centre disaster on 9/11, and discuss why resilience plans are vital for cities.

Gloria Steinem in conversation with Leigh Sales

20 May 2016

Hear feminist icon Gloria Steinem discuss her life’s work – a life of reporting, rebelling and revealing.

Greening Global Cities: Planning parks with the wellbeing of people first

18 May 2016

Mitchell J Silver, NYC Parks Commissioner, discusses how planning for parks, open and recreational space is critical to ensure that we continue to have a sustainable and healthy city.

People First: Working together for a strong, just and inclusive society

17 March 2016

A forceful human rights advocate, Mrs Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, and former President of Ireland, will discuss how governments, business and people can work together and the importance of social policy with the wellbeing citizen at its core.

Liveable Cities: Australia’s Light Rail Future

5 November 2015

Light rail is an integral part of the nation’s future. This discussion features noted Parisian architect Thomas Richez, who shares his insights from designing light rail internationally.

Connie Hedegaard Former EU Comissioner for climate action

The politics of climate change: Towards the Paris climate conference 2015

25 August 2015

Former European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, is joined by some of Australia’s political leaders to reignite a national conversation about climate change.

Thomas Richez

Learning from Global Cities: Light rail as a catalyst for city transformation

17 August 2015

To ensure the best possible urban design outcome for the transformation of George Street, the City of Sydney hosted world-renowned Parisian architect, Thomas Richez, to draw on this vast experience designing light rail in Europe and around the world.

Eamon Waterford

Solving Sydney’s Housing Affordability Crisis

12 March 2015

Hear the often competing voices of Sydney's housing market debate how our city can be made more affordable for its diverse population. This important discussion will inform the City of Sydney's new housing policy.

A Tale of Three Cities

A Tale of Three Cities: A journey of transformation

22 October 2014

Great global cities are constantly changing, and Sydney is about to experience its latest transformation. Active transport options and light rail connections will help elevate Sydney’s international standing as a desired destination to live, work and visit. What can we learn from other global cities?

Jacquelline Fuller

Gigabytes and Giving Back: Using technology for social good

13 October 2014

At the discussion examining social sustainability, hear from Jacquelline Fuller, Director of A panel of experts discuss the relationship between government, foundations, individuals and businesses to deliver projects for social good.


Cultural Precinct Planning

2 September 2014

Cultural precincts are central to a city’s reputation, driving creativity, innovation and economic growth. Arts and culture thought leader Adrian Ellis talks about his experiences developing cultural precincts around the world.

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality

8 July 2014

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and a panel of experts discuss the price of inequality and what happens to communities when the issue is ignored.

Claudia Karvan

Sydney’s cultural future: Building a creative city for everyone

19 May 2014

Culture and creativity are integral parts of every global city. Hear a discussion about how we will take Creative City, Sydney’s first-ever cultural policy, and make it a reality.

Brent Toderian

Density + Design: Creating value for global cities

25 March 2014

Hear a discussion about bringing innovation and creativity to urban planning. Speakers include Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Graham Jahn, Director City Planning, Development and Transport, Brent Toderian, internationally renowned planner and founder of Toderian Urbanworks, Michael Barlow, Director of Urbis and Principal Author of the report ‘Unlocking Smart Growth in Australia’s Capital Cities’, Elizabeth Farrelly, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Urbanism, UNSW, Peter Verwer, Chief Executive of Property Council of Australia and Elizabeth Elenius, community representative and Convenor, Pyrmont Action Inc.

Lord Mayor’s Community Christmas Reception

Lord Mayor’s Community Christmas Reception

8 December 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore welcomed community members to Sydney Town Hall to celebrate Christmas and give an update on what the City of Sydney has been able to achieve in 2013.

Robert Hammond, Co-founder and Executive Director, Friends of the High Line, NYC

How the processes that produced the New York High Line could apply here

24 October 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore introduces special guest speaker, Robert Hammond, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the High Line.

Reg Mombassa in conversation with James Valentine

The 'M' Word: Music, Mentals, Mambo, Mombassa

10 October 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore introduces a conversation with the wonderful and irreverent Reg Mombassa, our creative ambassador for Sydney New Year’s Eve 2013, as part of the City’s Design Excellence Series.

Dr David Suzuki

Over the horizon: Next steps for sustainable cities and the world

24 September 2013

World-renowned environmentalist Dr David Suzuki joins a panel discussion that focuses on the role governments, organisations and communities across the globe play to battle climate change.

The panel

Renewable cities: sun, soil, wind and waste – A master plan for change

5 August 2013

A new plan that shows how it is possible to shed our reliance on coal-fired power and make the switch to 100 per cent renewable energy.

You can't stop the music... unless you have a properly approved Noise Abatement Order

26 June 2013

Is our live music scene in dire straits?

Ross Garnaut

City Conversations with Professor Ross Garnaut

22 June 2013

Public forum with eminent authority on climate change Professor Ross Garnaut

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Transforming Sydney: How light rail, laneways, retail and night-time activity will revitalise the heart of our city

22 May 2013

A bold plan to make George Street an attractive, integrated and thriving heart for the city.

Carol Coletta

What creative life do you want for Sydney?

10 April 2013

Carol Colleta, CEO of Artplace America, speaks about how Artplace changed culture and creative communities across the US, and what Sydney could learn from the experience.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Create, explore, connect: A new library and plaza for Sydney

4 March 2013

See the 5 shortlisted schemes, meet the winning architects and hear from the jury on what inspired their choice.

Peter Walker

Headland Park, Barangaroo In conversation with Peter Walker

21 February 2013

Peter Walker, internationally renowned landscape architect, will talk about the designs for Barangaroo's Headland Park.

Gail Connolly

The big decision: How to fix Sydney's transport

13 November 2012

Hear from 2 experts, professor Peter Newman and Gail Connolly, plus a panel of industry leaders, retailers and landowners discuss the right direction for our city.

David McWilliams

Recipes for change: How food is changing the cultural and community life of cities

13 November 2012

David McWilliams, economist and social commentator, talks about the effects of shrinking crop stockpiles, increases in biofuel demand, and commodity speculation.

Hon Greg Combet

How the carbon price affects you

9 November 2012

The Federal Government has joined the global movement by introducing a price on carbon. We invited small and big business leaders, policy makers and experts to explain how a price on carbon works and how it affects you.

Pierre Mansat

Reinventing Paris – what can Sydney learn from their planning revolution?

25 October 2012

What can Sydney learn from Paris' efforts to streamline governance in Paris? And how could partnerships between the City of Sydney and other governments make our bold vision for Sydney a reality?

Chris Anderson

Smart Sydney: How do we create an environment for inspiration and innovation?

10 May 2012

Chris Anderson, Curator of TED Conferences, talk abouts how cities can empower the future, drive innovation, change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the community at large.

Paul Gilding

Poverty amid plenty: Exploring ideas for a more equitable and sustainable world

20 April 2012

Paul Gilding, the former CEO of Greenpeace International, writer and activist, talks about whether a more equitable and sustainable world possible, and, if so, how do we achieve it?

Laura Van Wie McGrory

The People Power Revolution: Clean Energy that doesn't cost the earth

28 February 2012

What is causing power price increases and what we can do to bring power bills and carbon footprints under control?

Gabriela Miranda

OECD and Sydney 2030: The City's efforts praised

7 December 2011

Sustainable Sydney 2030 presents a bold and compelling vision.

Dr Ernesto Sirolli

Community Economic Development with Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

29 November 2011

Hear local stories from a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development.

Charles Landry.

The art of city making

2 November 2011

Urbanist Charles Landry and a panel of our leading creative thinkers discuss how we can unlock and marshal Sydney's creative energy.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

State of the City 2011: Sustainable Sydney 2030

31 August 2011

The City's Lord Mayor and CEO explain how we're closing in on the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target of any government in Australia.

Professor Juan Pablo Bocarejo

Transport seminar: Professor Juan Pablo Bocarejo

19 May 2011

Professor Bocarejo shares his experiences on transport and land use and behaviour change in Bogota, Colombia.

Amanda Burden

Design Excellence: Amanda Burden

22 March 2011

New York’s Planning Commissioner on revitalising the Big Apple’s public spaces.

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Sydney: creative, vibrant, sustainable - Fostering a green cultural precinct at Walsh Bay

8 March 2011

Hear the views of Clover Moore MP; Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton; Craig Allchin, Director, Six Degrees Architects; Lisa Havilah, CEO, CarriageWorks; and Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company as the group discusses ways to foster a vibrant and sustainable creative precinct at Walsh Bay.

Allan Jones

Sydney's energy revolution – building a low-carbon city

25 October 2010

How local government must play a key role in changing the way we think about water, energy and waste. Lord Mayor Clover Moore introduces Professor Tim Flannery, Allan Jones MBE and an invigorating panel discussion on powering cities.

Ken Livingstone

Integrated transport for a connected city

16 September 2009

Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London, reveals the triumphs and challenges of transforming London’s transport system, and his suggestions for Sydney’s transport future.

Janette Sadik-Khan

Sustainable Streets Parallel Cities: Sydney & New York

25 March 2009

Exciting initiatives in sustainable city living.

Jan Gehl

Sustainable Sydney 2030: a livelier, more engaging place for people of all ages

16 March 2008

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision aims to make the City a livelier, more engaging place for people of all ages. Eminent Danish architect Jan Gehl describes with energy his ideas for a more pedestrian and people friendly City Centre.