The People Power Revolution

Clean Energy that doesn't cost the earth

28 February 2012

With power prices surging across Australia and a carbon tax imminent, do Australians really have to choose between clean and affordable energy? The easy answer is no, but don't take our word for it. At the People Power Revolution forum, Australian and overseas experts shared their knowledge on what's causing power price increases and what we can do to bring power bills and carbon footprints under control.

Smarter energy options like local power generation, demand management and energy efficiency measures can help us cut power bills and help to mitigate climate change in the process. This free forum was brought to you by the Australian Alliance to Save Energy and sponsored by the City of Sydney. MC for the evening was leading columnist and award-winning author, Elizabeth Farrelly.

Chris Dunstan, Institute for Sustainable Futures UTS and CEO of A2SE

Phillip Sellwood, Chief Executive, Energy Savings Trust (UK)

Laura Van Wie McGrory, Vice President of International Programs, Alliance to Save Energy (US)

Allan Jones MBE, CDO Energy & Climate Change, City of Sydney

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