Carbon reduction

Carbon reduction


We have an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% for the City of Sydney local area based on 2006 levels and to have capacity to meet up to 50% of electricity demand from renewable sources by 2030.

Our LED lighting project has been completed with over 6,500 LED street lights installed across the local area since March 2012, resulting in a reduction of more than 48% in carbon emissions. This represents a saving to the City of up to $800,000 each year in electricity bills.

At the moment, 80% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the consumption of grid electricity produced primarily by coal-fired power stations. Typically, nearly two-thirds of the energy that goes into producing electricity at these stations is wasted as heat from cooling towers and from long-distance transmission and distribution over power lines to Sydney.

We have reduced our fleet vehicle emissions and encourage more electric car use. The City co-signed a submission on vehicle emissions to the federal government in early 2016.


A more environmentally sustainable method of generating electricity.

LED lighting project

We are leading the way with new energy-efficient LED lights installed in public places across the local area.

Renewable energy

We’re challenging traditional electricity supplies from coal-fired power stations with sustainable and innovative technologies.

Energy efficiency

Our new plan for energy efficiency could significantly reduce energy usage and slash nearly 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year city-wide by 2030. 

Last updated: Thursday, 28 September 2017