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Energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency master plan

Our new plan for energy efficiency could significantly reduce energy usage and slash nearly 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year city-wide by 2030. The City's energy efficiency master plan unlocks a clean energy future for Sydney through targets and proactive steps that could save more than $600 million in energy bills across the city and double energy productivity.

The plan was developed in partnership with energy experts pitt&sherry, Exergy (now Energy Action) and the City of Sydney.

Research shows greenhouse gas emissions across the city’s buildings sector could be reduced by more than 30%. Detailed analysis in the plan calculates undertaking the energy efficiency measures would cost around $396 million, resulting in savings of $604 million, meaning a net benefit of $208 million.

The plan shows that improving energy efficiency improves productivity and economic growth. 

Five sectors account for over 3 quarters of the city’s energy usage: Non-premium office buildings, A-grade office buildings, apartments, accommodation and car parks with air-conditioning, lighting and equipment using the most energy. 

Total energy use across buildings in the city is already decreasing, despite rapid economic growth. This is due to residents and businesses cutting back on energy use as prices rise, alongside an increased awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency. However, the full potential for the city’s buildings is not being realised and requires actions such as those outlined in the plan.

The benefits of energy efficiency include reducing emissions, saving precious resources and the creation of hundreds of jobs. The plan shows that by 2030, total energy and greenhouse gas emissions could be one-third lower than they were in 2006 – even as Sydney’s economy and population continues to grow. The energy efficiency master plan could achieve almost half of the City’s emissions reduction target.

Please note: Our energy efficiency master plan is a supporting document to our Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up-to-date set of environmental targets and actions. 

Powering our city, efficiently: Get the fast facts on our energy efficiency master plan.

Last updated: Thursday, 13 July 2017