City farm

City farm

City farm

City farms are growing in significance throughout Australia and the rest of the world, as a part of a global shift towards sustainable local communities who are committed to sourcing fresh food and actively participating in educational programs that reinforce the connection between the paddock and the plate. 

The benefits

The City Farm is coming to Sydney Park and will:

  • grow fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables year round
  • run a weekly organic farmers market
  • minimise waste to landfill and maximise organic growing principles
  • inspire and educate residents on how to grow their own food
  • connect the city with the country
  • provide volunteer opportunities for the community
  • partner with local institutions.
The farm site will be carefully designed to complement the existing uses and users of Sydney Park.

The next stage – have your say

A concept design for the City Farm is on public exhibition until 13 April 2015. The design includes a terraced area for crops, an orchard, space for livestock, bush tucker plants, native bees and herbs. It also includes a market place and space for learning and sharing ideas and culture.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the design – and how you would like to be involved.

The story so far

The City was first approached in 2009 by Sydney City Farm, a not-for-profit community organisation, about finding a suitable site within the local area to incorporate a city farm. 

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A feasibility study was carried out to determine the best locations for a farm in the local area. Three public consultation workshops took place in 2010 to allow the local community to contribute feedback. In late 2011 the feasibility study was presented to Council where it was favorably endorsed.

The City appointed a project manager in April 2012 to develop a detailed business plan in consultation with the City Farm Advisory Group. In September 2014, Council reviewed and endorsed the plan for city farm’s business activities, management structure and community aspirations.

Our City Farm Plan and the City Farm Feasibility Study can be downloaded below.


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Last updated: Monday, 23 March 2015