Report local issues

Report local issues

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Construction sitesDogs barkingGarbage and bottle collectionsLicensed venues and commercial premisesCars and other vehiclesNeighbourhood noiseMajor events, transport and works

Illegal dumping

Dumping unwanted goods is against the law. Find out more about illegal dumping. Report online

Bill posters

The posters you see pasted or taped on poles and walls are visually polluting and against the law. Read more information about illegal bill posters. Report online


If you want to help reduce graffiti in the local area, the best thing to do is contact the City. Learn more about graffiti and the steps we take to help reduce it. Report online

Film crews

You should contact the production's representative if an issue arises during filming. If your concern has not been addressed, you should then contact the City.

Email us

Damaged footpath

Damage to footpaths and pavings should be reported to the City. Report online

Squalor and hoarding

Squalor and hoarding is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Email us
Unauthorised accommodation Report non-approved accommodation in the local area to the City. Report online