Zero Waste

Waste and recycling services

Zero Waste is the City's campaign to reduce waste send to landfill and keep streets clean. We do this by providing services that make it easy for you to recycle more and do the right thing.

Ask the Garbage Guru

An old mattress

Got an old mattress hanging around?

Did you know that chucking out your unwanted items on the street is illegal? You could be fined for it. Instead, you could book a free pick-up for collection every Wednesday.

Christmas tree recycling

Christmas tree recycling

Cheer up, Christmas may be over but you don’t need to shed a tear for your tree. We can pick it up and recycle it into mulch for free. Find out how to book a pick-up.

Used paint cans


Chemicals are nasty if they’re not disposed of properly. Drop-off your paints, fluoro tubes, gas bottles and more at Chemical CleanOut on Sunday 7 February at our depot  in Ultimo.