Zero Waste

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Zero Waste is the City's campaign to reduce waste send to landfill and keep streets clean. We do this by providing services that make it easy for you to recycle more and do the right thing.

Our official target set by the State Government is 66% resource recovery by 2014. Resource recovery is just a fancy term for making sure that stuff that can be used for something else, doesn’t end up in landfill. Thanks to you, we’ve already reached it.

What next? Let’s reach for the sky. With your help, we think zero waste is possible.

Meet your Garbage Guru – he's online, 24/7

He's got the answers for how to recycle and reduce waste for anything you want to get rid of in the City of Sydney area. Pay him a visit.

Don't bin it, win it!

Use our new recycling machines at Circular Quay and Chinatown to win prizes. Deposit your empty drink bottles and cans for a chance to win bus tickets, movie tickets, and even tickets to the 2014 Sydney New Year's Eve Dawes Point event!

Looking down on the grass with the word Yuk shaped out of cigarette butts

#Yuk is back!

In case you missed it the first time around, our installation filled with icky cigarette butts has popped up in Wynyard Park. It's a huge reminder to put your butts in the bin. See it before it disappears on 2 October.

Where does waste go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your rubbish and recycling once it leaves your bin? Watch this video to find out what we do with it.

Did you know?

The rubbish in your red bin goes straight to an alternative waste treatment facility for processing, not landfill. At the facility, recyclables like containers are taken out and organic waste is composted.

Anything that’s left then goes to landfill.

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