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Click below to book a free pick-up of whitegoods and large household items.

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Free pick-ups

The City of Sydney offers a free pick-up for whitegoods and large household items every Wednesday.

Bookings are essential and are accepted up until 2pm on Tuesdays. Book online or call us on 02 9265 9333. If you live in a unit, check if you need to ask your building manager or caretaker to book a pick-up for the whole block.

An old mattress and long tied-up sticks.

Bulky household items

Items we pick-up include whitegoods, large appliances and furniture such as:

  • wooden barbecue frames
  • heaters, hot water systems and other metal household items
  • small kitchen appliances like toasters and blenders
  • sofas, mattresses and rugs but not carpet or floor tiles
  • bundled and tied organics that do not fit into an organics bin
  • pots and pans
  • tables, chairs, wardrobes and bookshelves.

The following types of items can’t be picked-up:

  • liquids such as cooking oil
  • building, renovation or demolition materials
  • timber, fencing or wooden pallets
  • hazardous materials including paints and chemicals
  • rocks and soil
  • fluorescent lights
  • tree stumps or branches thicker than 1 metre.

An old washing machine and fridge.

Metal household items

We pick-up:

  • metal barbecues
  • heaters and hot water systems
  • fridges with doors removed, washing machines and ovens
  • metal shelving, filing cabinets
  • lawnmowers empty of fuel and oil
  • gym equipment such as bikes, trampolines and treadmills
  • metal tables, steel ladders
  • ironing boards.

Only parts of these items can be recycled, except for whitegoods, which are turned into products like steel cans. Visit the Bower's Reuse Referral site for more information on what you can do with unwanted household items.

We don't pick-up:

  • any sort of car parts (including motor oil, batteries and tyres)
  • gas bottles
  • building materials such as roofing panels, metal doors or frames

Got a 2nd fridge you don't need?

If you want to get rid of a second fridge, recycle it through the Fridge Buyback Scheme and receive a $35 rebate (conditions apply). You’ll save on your electricity bill too.

Preparing for the pick-up

Due to health and safety reasons, the City has strict guidelines on how items should be put out for collection. We can’t pick-up items that are not properly prepared.

To prepare your pick-up, place items on the kerbside (we can't collect goods from private property) using the guidelines below.

  • Separate metal items such as whitegoods from other large household items because they are collected by different trucks.
  • Protect young children by either tying or taping fridge/oven doors closed (to avoid the risk of suffocation).
  • Wrap and label sharp or dangerous items like mirrors and glass.
  • Cut large rugs into 1m lengths, roll and tie them with string or tape. Large rugs, carpet and mats can jam our compactors.
  • Put small items into boxes – loose materials won’t be collected.
  • Keep your collection to 1 cubic metre per booking.
  • Make sure all items (except whitegoods) are less than 1.5m or 100kg.
  • Don’t block pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access when putting items out.
  • Put your items out the night before collection – if you put them out earlier, they might be considered illegally dumped.

Don't put any items you have not booked with us out for collection or you could be fined heavily for illegal dumping.

Drop off your e-waste instead

Electronic appliances, goods and equipment, such as televisions and computers can be collected but are best recycled through the City’s regular e-waste (electronic waste) drop-off days

A City worker carrying a bulky armchair.

Meet Matty. Matty’s a queen and she’s out for a pick-up. Or is she? Watch this video to find out. And remember, mattresses have feelings too.

Last updated: Thursday, 10 September 2015