E-waste recycling

E-waste recycling

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Recycle old electronics

Australians generate more than 140,000 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) each year and most of it ends up in landfill. As well as putting more pressure on limited landfill capacity, e-waste can be hazardous as it contains toxic materials.

To keep recyclable e-waste out of landfill, the City of Sydney offers free quarterly drop-off days.

Working items

Why not try to find a new home for your unwanted electronic goods first? Many of the e-waste items we receive still work and some charity shops are happy to take them. You could also try giving items away through organisations like OzRecycle.

Where does my e-waste get recycled?

All the e-waste collected by the City of Sydney get processed locally, in Villawood, by our contractor Sims Recycling Solutions, where over 95% of it gets recycled. Components are stripped and broken down into commodities.

E-waste drop-off days

  • Saturday 10 October – Bay Street Depot, Ultimo
  • Saturday 5 December – Bay Street Depot, Ultimo

From 9am to 3pm. Arrive early to avoid traffic.

E-waste drop-off location

City of Sydney depot
Corner Bay Street and Macarthur Street
(enter from Macarthur Street)
Ultimo NSW 2007

What can be recycled

Items we'll accept

Items accepted at e-waste drop-off days

Over 95% of e-waste collected on drop-off days is recycled.

Below is a list of the items you can drop off.

  • televisions
  • computers – desktops, monitors, laptops and printers
  • home and home office equipment – photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, servers, projectors, DVD players and video recorders
  • computer peripherals such as joysticks
  • electronic games, CDs, DVDs, tapes and cameras
  • electronic components
  • phones – mobiles and landlines
  • small household appliances – vacuum cleaners, microwaves, stereos, and pedestal fans
  • power tools – drills, circular saws and power boards, electric lawnmowers, electric trimmers, electric leaf blowers (and no gas-powered items, please).

E-waste recycling drop-off day

Items we can't accept

  • whitegoods
  • hazardous waste – chemicals, paints and pesticides
  • car batteries
  • household batteries
  • smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
  • fluorescent tubes and energy saving light globes (CFLs).

Whitegoods can be recycled through the City's free, pre-booked pick-up service. Call 02 9265 9333 to arrange a collection. Household batteries, mobiles and light bulbs can be recycled at the City’s Neighbourhood Service Centres or libraries. Save all other items on the list above for the next Household Chemical CleanOut collection.

Other places to drop off e-waste

Check the links below for places near you to drop off e-waste or to donate items online. Limited items can be recycled at Officeworks in Alexandria and Glebe - visit their website below for more information on what you can bring.


To check locations of other e-waste recycling services visit:

National Waste Policy OzRecycle Recycling Near YouTotal Environment CentreOfficeworksSims Recycling Solutions

Last updated: Monday, 3 August 2015