Building Joynton Avenue stormwater drain

Reducing the risk of severe flooding in Green Square.

Project Status: Planned

Why we’re doing this

Green Square sits on a floodplain that used to be a network of wetlands and creeks.

Hazardous flooding has been a constant challenge for Green Square locals with floodwaters reaching 2.3m on Joynton Avenue during storms in April 2015.

What we’re doing

We’re planning a new stormwater drain from the corner of O’Dea and Joynton avenues to Zetland Avenue.

This work is part of new stormwater infrastructure to reduce the risk of severe flooding along Joynton Avenue.

The new drain will carry stormwater from the southern part of Waterloo and surrounding areas along Joynton Avenue to the Green Square stormwater drain.

A review of environmental factors has been completed and approved. It’s guiding us in finalising the design and determining the construction approach.