Improving Joynton Avenue stormwater drainage

Project Status: Completed

Why we’re doing this

Hazardous flooding has been a challenge for Green Square locals in the past.

Early flood studies indicated the need for a stormwater drain upgrade along Joynton Avenue in Zetland. A review of environmental factors was completed.

There have been a significant number of drainage, road and redevelopment in the area.

Updates to the flood modelling were required to confirm remaining stormwater needs in the precinct.

What we found

The flood modelling update determined that the flood risk in the vicinity of Joynton Avenue has largely been mitigated by the redevelopment of the area. This included new road projects, along with the O’Dea Avenue and Green Square stormwater drain projects.

As a result, the proposed upgrade of Joynton Avenue stormwater drainage did not go ahead as it wouldn’t have provided significant overall benefits.