Grants & sponsorships

If you have a great idea that would benefit the local community but just need a kick-start to get it off the ground, our programs may be able to help.

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Our grants and sponsorships provide funding or another related benefit, such as a reduced or no rate for the use of one of our venues, to local organisations and businesses.

The programs cover a wide range of services and projects that directly benefit 1 or more of the following:

Business grant programs

Environmental grant programs

Our environmental grant programs support the City’s work towards the environmental performance targets included in our community strategic plan Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Cultural grant programs

Our focus on cultivating creativity in the city informs funding priorities for projects and initiatives that align with the key strategies outlined in the cultural policy and action plan and the live music and performance action plan.

Community grant programs

We fund projects that help increase equality in our area, develop resilient and adaptive communities and support strong governance and civic engagement for sustainability.

Policies and guidelines

Each grant program is subject to specific eligibility and exclusions, as well as annual funding priorities. These factors are governed by our grants and sponsorship policy and program guidelines.

Grants team

We'd like to help you choose the right grant and provide tips for a successful application.

phone number
02 9265 9333
email address
[email protected]

Less grunt, more grant

We’ve cut down the paperwork and moved grant applications online.

Online grant applications are made available when the grant round is open. If you have any questions about upcoming grant rounds, eligibility criteria or other details, contact the grants team.

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