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We offer creative studios and living spaces for people working in a creative field.

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About this program

The City of Sydney has a small number of residential properties. Under the creative live and work spaces grant, we lease residential properties to artists and creative practitioners to live and work in the city at below market rental.

This program is offered in response to the challenges artists and creative practitioners face in obtaining affordable inner-city housing and creative facilities. It provides supports for up to 18 months, limited by specific lease terms, and reduced rents at below market rates.

Recommended applicants will need to complete a tenancy application, including financial details as evidence of their capacity to meet the financial obligations of the lease and previous landlord reference checks.

Applications closed on 4 November 2022 seeking program applicants for the next 18-month period, February 2023 to July 2024. The outcomes will be advised directly with applicants over the coming weeks.


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