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We offer creative studios and living spaces for people working in a creative field. Find out about opportunities and how to apply.

An adult sitting on the floor wearing colourful clothes and surrounded by artwork, a computer and boxes.

6 1-bedroom apartments have provided working studios and residential accommodation for a new group of artists each year. The current group of artists include:

Waterloo creative live/work space

Following the success of the William Street program, a new creative live/work space in Waterloo was added to the program in 2016.

Located within the Waterloo Library grounds, this self-contained apartment is currently home to dancers Amy Zhang  and Jackson Garcia, along with curator Tian Zhang  and musician Adam Rothwell. 

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We’re taking applications for 18 month leases beginning in April 2021. Rent is  $200 per week excluding bills. Brand X is managing this process for us. Find out more and apply before 5pm 14 December.