Food support grant

Increasing access and improving supply of healthy food for our communities.

apples, oranges, carrots, onions, potatoes and zucchinis in black plastic crates lined up against colourful wall at OzHarvest's Waterloo market.

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Grants team

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phone number
02 9265 9333
email address
[email protected]

About this grant

This funding supports projects and programs that improve access to affordable and healthy food for our diverse communities.

We provide support for food support projects under 2 tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Small scale projects
  • Tier 2 – Large scale projects

Before applying for tier 2, contact our grants team to discuss your proposal on 02 9265 9333 or email [email protected].

Funding priorities

Our funding will prioritise projects that:

  • increase access to affordable, healthy, safe and culturally-appropriate food
  • increase community skills in sourcing and preparing healthy food
  • improve supply, storage and delivery of healthy food for our diverse communities
  • increase resourcing of essential food support services for our diverse communities
  • increase access to affordable internet and data to support community access to food support services.

Tier 1: small scale projects

Tier 2: large scale projects


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