Sustainable Sydney 2030–2050 Continuing the Vision

For a city that is green, global and connected.

A computer rendered image showing apartment buildings and a harbour pool at sunset, with people swimming and relaxing by the pool.

Transforming our city

Our vision is for a sustainable future where everyone does their part to respond to the climate emergency.

We are a leader in our region for just and sustainable growth, creativity and innovation. Our city has a thriving 24-hour economy and opportunities for all.

Social, business, cultural and physical connections in our city help us reach our potential, adapt to change and withstand adversity.

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A vision from the heart of our community

We engaged our communities on their vision for Sydney in 2050 over several years. Activities included surveys, pop-up events and community workshops with First Peoples of Australia, small businesses and cultural and nightlife sectors. We also held consultations with children and young people and a citizens jury.

Learn more about how we consulted with our communities for 2050 and what they told us.

Building on our communities vision for the future, there are 10 directions for 2050, 10 targets to measure progress and 10 ambitious project ideas that bring the vision to life.

What 2050 looks like – 10 ambitious project ideas

Large white sculpture on a green lawn in a park being viewed by two people. In the background is a harbour, bridge and city buildings.
An open plaza with lots of people and fringed by trees. At the end of the plaza is a heritage building. Tall city buildings can also be seen.
Aerial view of a city park, avenues, roads and tall buildings.

Our approach – 10 directions for 2050

How we’ll get there – 10 targets to measure progress

How we will realise our vision to 2050

The community strategic plan provides more detail on implementing the vision to 2050.