Planning and reporting

Our integrated planning and reporting identifies community aspirations and priorities and outlines how we will deliver these through our strategies and plans.


Why we’re doing this

Effective planning and reporting ensures we focus on the short-term issues and services indicated in the operational plan as well as medium and long-term challenges.

Action areas

  • Our Community Strategic Plan Delivering Sustainable Sydney 2030–2050 is our long term plan which sets out the outcomes we want to achieve and targets for measuring our progress.
  • Our resourcing strategy identifies how our resources and assets will be used to deliver our community strategic plan and our delivery program.
  • The delivery program is a 4 year plan that translates the community’s strategic goals into actions.
  • Our operational plan is a detailed annual plan outlining how we will meet the commitments in our delivery program.
  • The community recovery plan provides a clear, staged approach to how we are supporting economic and social recovery during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.