Governance & decision-making

Ensuring the City of Sydney is well governed and has the capacity to deliver on the community’s vision for the future.

Why this is important to us

Good governance results in public trust and confidence in the leadership of our city and better outcomes for the community.

The role of city leadership is ever-evolving. Strong relationships, knowledge exchange and effective collaboration between city governments is essential.

Growth pressures in metropolitan Sydney require improved collaboration across all levels of government, the private sector and the community to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Good governance and effective leadership is essential for organisations that are forerunners in their field and to implement the objectives of any strategic plan.

There are increasing service and infrastructure expectations of local government that do not align with changes to effective power, control and revenue growth.

Efficient and effective management of the City’s resources is required to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure, programs and services.

Effective information management and improved data sharing are essential for enabling partnerships, informed planning and projections, and good governance.

Our community relies on the City to represent their collective interests and to facilitate their participation in decision making.

Community roles and expectations are changing, moving toward co-creation of services and decisions that affect the future of our community.

Governance & decision-making

Planning and reporting

Our integrated planning and reporting identifies community aspirations and priorities and outlines how we will deliver these through our strategies and plans.

Governance & decision-making

Community engagement

We offer a range of opportunities for residents, workers, community groups, business, government and industry stakeholders to share ideas, insight and feedback on our projects and policies.

Governance & decision-making

Resilient Sydney

A program for metropolitan Sydney to build the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of chronic stresses and acute shocks.

Governance & decision-making

Digital city

We want all our residents and businesses to benefit from the opportunities of a connected future.