Community engagement

We offer a range of opportunities for residents, workers, community groups, business, government and industry stakeholders to share ideas, insight and feedback on our projects and policies.


Why we rely on community engagement

Feedback on projects and policies helps inform our decisions.

Consultation and engagement outcomes are collated, analysed and considered along with other input and technical, financial or legislative requirements as a key part of our decision-making process.

You can participate at:

  • workshops and community meetings
  • stakeholder meetings and roundtables
  • online consultations
  • community reference groups
  • advisory panels
  • drop-in sessions
  • surveys
  • school workshops
  • doorknocking and notification. 

The following principles guide our approach to engaging the community in decision-making:

  • Integrity: Clear in scope and purpose.
  • Inclusiveness: Accessible with a full range of values and perspectives.
  • Dialogue: Promote and open up genuine discussion.
  • Influence: Communities should be able to see and understand the impact of their involvement in consultations.

More information is available in our community engagement strategy.