Request the City of Sydney prepares a planning proposal

Ask for an amendment to our planning instruments.

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What you need to do

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Before you start

We welcome early discussions on proposals.

Before lodging a request, please contact us.

How planning controls are changed

Planning controls can be changed to achieve better social, environmental or economic outcomes from development.

Changes to the City’s controls can be initiated by the City, NSW Government or by a proponent lodging a request.

The proposed changes are documented in a planning proposal and may include a draft development control plan that is reported to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee for consideration.

Changes to the planning controls must give effect to strategic plans such as the Greater Sydney region plan, eastern city district plan and the City’s local strategic planning statement.

Planning proposal process

The planning proposal process is set out in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and guidelines published by the Department of Planning and Environment.

The City of Sydney is largely responsible for progressing a planning proposal, but there are a number of steps along the way when the NSW Government needs to approve the planning proposal to move to the next step.

The steps below summarise the process. This process applies to all planning proposals made in NSW.

Diagram showing summarised view of the process.


You can view the fees for requests for planning proposals:

  • minor applications – administrative changes or corrections
  • major applications – all other requests for material changes to zoning and development standards.